352nd Special Warfare Training Sq.
1 Matero Dr., Bldg. 501, Pope AAF, NC 28308



The Special Warfare School Heritage Center



The Special Warfare School

SWSM MemorialThe Special Warfare School Heritage Center (SWSHC) works in concert with the Combat Control School staff and instructors to acquire, refurbish, exhibit and maintain CCT artifacts accessioned by The CMSgt Alcide S. Benini Heritage Center.

As a North Carolina 501(c)3, tax-exempt organization, our only mission is to support Combat Control School training by documenting and preserving the history, heritage, and legacy of United States Air Force Combat Control Teams.



The Heritage Center Mission

The CMSgt Alcide S. Benini Special Warfare School Heritage Center is dedicated to the legacy created by CMSgt Alcide Benini, and displays lineage, artifacts, and equipment used since the inception of Combat Control Teams.

The Benini Heritage Center (BHC) mission  is to educate Combat Control students, to bolster Combat Control Team morale, and to support United States Air Force recruiting and retention goals for Combat Control Operators.



The Vietnam Monument

The monument to fallen combat controllers was upgraded at the Combat Control School on January 26, 2017.  An upgrade to the Vietnam-era monument, the new monument seemed to ‘just’ appear; a story carved in stone memorializing the history and heritage of Combat Controllers.

Memorializing Combat Controllers lost in combat and training operations, it is a living tribute with a story of its own to tell, preserving the past for tomorrow